good news! Tenglong Door Industry won the title of "Annual Excellent Supplier" again by Evergrande Real Estate Group

Release Time:2020-09-16

Recently, Evergrande Real Estate Group released the “2019 Excellent Suppliers” list. Tenglong Door Industry once again won the title of “Hengda Real Estate Group Excellent Suppliers of the Year” with its excellent production quality and precise and thoughtful service. This selection is an important manifestation of the win-win cooperation between Tenglong Door Industry and Evergrande Real Estate in the field of engineering projects over the years.

As a leader in China's real estate industry, Evergrande Real Estate Group implements a strict evaluation and grading system for suppliers in the selection process, focusing on product quality, supply integrity, and service levels. In the end, Tenglong Door Industry won the affirmation of Evergrande Real Estate Group again with its excellent quality, stable supply and good service.

Since 2006, Tenglong Door Industry and Evergrande Real Estate Group have had more than 14 years of strategic cooperation. They have won the titles of "Excellent Supplier of Evergrande Real Estate Group" and "Excellent Strategic Partner of Evergrande Group" nine times. In the course of the cooperation between the two parties, Tenglong Door Industry strives for perfection according to the actual needs of Evergrande, continuously optimizes the overall solution, uses technological innovation to enhance the value of the project, and helps Evergrande create high-quality, standardized, and serialized residential products, which are We should do our best to make contributions across the road of development.

Over the years, Tenglong Door Industry has taken advantage of its outstanding design innovation, high-quality product quality, and excellent after-sales service. To provide customers with consistent high-quality services, has won the unanimous affirmation and support of Evergrande Group and the owners.
In the future, we will, as always, be committed to the manufacturing and research and development of supporting products for engineering doors. At the same time, we will provide customers with higher quality, more precise and thoughtful service with the craftsman's research spirit and professional attitude of excellence, and actively meet the test of major partners!

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